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About Aalbu Brothers
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Aalbu Brothers has been in business for over 100 years. Our early start was building and repairing Everett's finest horse drawn carriages and wagons. We built our own wheels that helped move the small city into the age of the automobile. In 1912 we moved to our location to 2927 Grand Ave and took the name Aalbu Brothers from the owners Knut K. Aalbu and Ole Aalbu. By the mid 1930's Sievert Torve had moved into ownership and today’s owners Cal Ferguson and Larry Torve run the successful business of Aalbu Brothers of Everett Inc.

Snohomish Tribune quote 1994: "Everett's cobblestones were hard on the metal tire rim wheels," Says owner Cal Ferguson. So the skills of the Aalbu Bros. and their successors where very important. You can see how that wagon and carrage business slowly changed with the times. The Aalbu Bros. have rolled with the punches and survived in our changing world, right along with the advent of paved roads and the arrival of the automobile.